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A production of 8 gorgeous dancers of power and grace, CrossCurrent is  a tapestry of mesmerizing dances set to unusual, goose-bump inducing musical scores by contemporary composers from from different parts of the world.  Like the blending of the Ying and Yang in Tai Chi, this production presents a fusion of harmony / dissonance, joy / melancholy, fluidity / angularity, form / spirit and East/West.  It is Nai-Ni Chen’s most recent creations that features her singular voice in the world of dance.

 Technical Requirements

The Crosscurrent Program

Calligraffiti Variations –

A fusion of the spirit of the struggle for social justice and personal freedom as symbolized by the art of Graffiti, and the harmony of the power and peace in the Walking Grass Cursive Script of the Chinese Calligraphy.


Way of Five – Fire

In the spirit of the male and female warriors in Peking Opera, Fire is a dance of steel will, unwavering focus and mesmerizing physicality.  The Fire implies the Taoist believe that each person has an inner fire in the lower abdomen, solar plex area that is the source of life sustaining energy for each of us.  The path of the warrior is to enhance and control the inner fire which can provide peace and healing power.  Music by Tan Dun.


Way of Five – Earth

In the Spirit of the flowing stillness of Tai Chi.  Earth is a dance of the flow of chi under our skin and the flow of lava under the earth’s tectonic plates.   In Earth, Nai-Ni Chen seek to build surprises within a constant flow of dynamic, flowing poses that brings the audience onto an physical and spiritual journey. Muisc by Gerald Chenoweth.


Uncharted Destiny

a Quartet fo 4 female dancers each on their personal journey.  Their connected but unconnected relationships are the source of their power and their fear.


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