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A Quest for Freedom Education & Outreach


In this one-hour program full of excitement, energy and enchantment, the Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company showcases excerpts from the program A Quest for Freedom.  It is performed by 7 dancers and the Choreographer/Artistic Director, Nai-Ni Chen, who greets the audience and introduces elements of theater and the collaborative effort by all involved from different disciplines that create the magic seen on stage.  The program is paced wisely with beautiful dancing and demonstration of the creative process.  It is exciting, as well as informative.  The program is performed to recorded or possibly live music played by the Ahn Trio.


Workshops and Masterclasses are available for music and dance students on college/university campuses, as well as community dance studios and music schools. For dancers, Nai-Ni Chen introduces her modern technique and repertory, choosing movement phrases from  A Quest for Freedom.  Students experience her signature style and hear music from the program played by the Ahn Trio on CD. For musicians, the Ahn Trio can perform masterclasses and workshops incorporating standard trio literature, their more contemporary repertoire and examples of the collaborative work in A Quest for Freedom.  They can educate students about various aspects of music, as well as career opportunities as a musician, including how music students can learn to collaborate with dance and other art forms. 

Includes: Lecture/Demonstrations, Pre- and Post-Performance Talks, Meet & Greets and Q & A Sessions.  These activities give the general audience a chance to meet Nai-Ni Chen, the dancers and/or the Ahn Trio, as they discusss the many aspects of this collaboration and the creative process.  The discussion can take on a broad range of topics, from cross-genre collaboration to Asian Culture in America, and can take place in a wide array of venues and spaces.  Engaging the local communities prior to the performance encourages new audiences to come see the Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company and Ahn Trio, and hopefully other artists at your venue.