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Residency Activities

Residency Activities

Dancing on the Silk River 

Ribbon Dance Workshop

A fun filled workshop for young and old.  This activity teaches the audience how to make a rainbow, waterfall and ocean wave with ribbons.  It focuses on the most important goal of Chinese art: oneness with nature.

The Ten Elements of Chinese Dance

Movement Workshop for dancers and would be dancers, this workshop gives first hand experience into movement disciplines that originated thousands of years ago. Students begin with a simple warm-up, the Teaching Artist will instruct the students in various exercises to focus on the five outer elements: Hand, Eye, Body, Step and Coordination.  During the exercise and combinations, the instructor will also work on the development of inner elements; concentration, spirit, flow of chi, strength, and most important, discipline.

Forms in Motion

Rationale for the workshop:  

In China, the art of calligraphy is respected as the most supreme of all art form because the Chinese people believe that “calligraphy comprises, along with traditional Chinese painting, the mainstream of China’s art history.”  “Calligraphy can bring physical and spiritual benefits to the practitioner,” and it “can even refine one’s personality and change one’s outlook on life.”

As members of the global village, Americans need to know more about the Chinese people which make up one fourth of the population.  Learning about the Chinese language and the art of the Chinese calligraphy will enable students to explore Chinese beliefs and values.  The understanding students gain through the workshop activities will serve as a starting point of their exploration, which may, in turn, shed light on their future career and their personality growth as well.

The Nai-Ni Chen Dance Co. has started a journey of exploration in linking the forms of dance and calligraphy.  This trial has made it possible for students to break through the artificial divisions of disciplines, and to integrate language, brush writing art and dance into a unified whole concept.   We believe that this kind of interdisciplinary studies is appealing to the students at the elementary level, or at the middle, even the high school levels.  It will make the learning come alive and full of fun.  It will also encourage the students to observe language and arts with a new integrated point of view.


Effective Objectives:

  1. To stimulate the student’s interest in the Chinese language.
  2. To enjoy and value the art of Chinese calligraphy.
  3. To develop an appreciation for the form of dance in the context of a foreign language.

Knowledge Objectives:

  1. To gain some basic knowledge of the Chinese written language.
  2. To learn about the Chinese calligraphy as a form of art.
  3. To experience calligraphy movements which can be expressed in the form of dance.

Thinking Skills Objectives:

  1.  To perceive the meaning presented in the visual image of characters.
  2.  To perceive the essential features shared by calligraphy and dance.

Grade Level:  Students in Grades 3-12 who have no previous exposure to the Chinese