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Community Heritage Concert at the Morris Museum

Please Join Us for a
Fantastic Celebration of 
Chinese American Dance 
at the Bickford Theatre

Bickford Theatre at Morris Museum
6 Normandy Heights Rd, Morristown, NJ

Annual Concert for the

Nai-Ni Chen Dance Workshop

and the Students of the

New Star Arts Center

Performance by the Nai-Ni Chen Dance Youth Dance Workshop
and students of the New Star Arts Center
Program Include:

 Nai-Ni Chen Dance Workshop
手絹 – Handkerchief Dance
飛天独舞 – Flying Goddess Solo
雨伞舞蹈 – Umbrella Dance
扇舞 – Fan Dance
剑舞 – Sword Dance
现代扇舞 – Contemporary Fan Dance
双人飞天 – Flying Goddess Duet
水䄂 – Long Sleeve Dance

New Star Arts Center

傣族 追鱼- Fish Dance of the Dai People
汉族 小红伞 – Red Umbrella
新疆 盘子舞 – Xingjiang Plate Dance
古典舞 – Classic Dance

Parking:  Street Parking, limited on-site parking.