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China Map

1921                         Chinese Communist Party formed in Shanghai.

1949                         Chiang Kai-Shek, President of the Republic of China, fled to Taiwan leaving China in Communist                                              hand.  The era of the People’s Republic of China began.

1966  The Cultural Revolution:  This campaign was initiated by Chairman Mao to erase Capitalist and traditional Chinese influences of  the People’s Republic and introduce the philosophy of Maoism to  fill the ideological gaps. Schools were closed and Chinese youth directed to take the lead in change, resulting in youth gangs known as the Red Guards who attacked undesirable citizens. Chaos led to martial law, Communist Party purges, and 1.5 million  deaths.

1989 Numerous attempts at economic reform fail in the forty years of Communist rule. Protest for democracy at Tienanmen Square gains global attention as the army fires on demonstrators.

1997  Hong Kong returns to China: In a midnight ceremony with British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Hong Kong was given back to China after 156 years. China agreed to preserve the island’s capitalist economy as part of the handover  agreement.

2010 China becomes the world’s second-largest economy with a population of 1.5 billion.




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