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Education Program Booking for Assembly or Community Event


The Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company is a pioneer in New Jersey’s Dance Education community, driving the field towards more diversity and inclusion. Director Nai-Ni Chen is a distinguished alumnus of NYU Steinhart School of Dance Education; she has been commissioned by the Lincoln Center Institute for Arts Education, and she has been on the Arts Education Panel of the National Endowment for the Arts. Some of you may have taken your school to NJPAC for the celebration of the Chinese New Year with the Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company. Besides all these, the New Jersey State Council on the Arts has just announced Citation of Excellence and an Award for the Company’s special residency program for children with disabilities. Please talk to them about children with special needs if you are considering a program for them.

The Art of Chinese Dance is the Company’s most popular assembly program for children. It is an action-packed, colorful program that makes a great impression on children and opens the door for both Dance and Asia for their hearts and minds. Of course, the Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company offers many programs beyond the Art of Chinese Dance. Please check out other parts of our website for more information.