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Kinetic Spiral Dance Workshop at Peridance

Kinetic Spiral Workshop: Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company

Jul 15, 2019 – Jul 19, 2019; Mon – Fri

Monday through Friday: 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM

Nai-Ni Chen returns to Peridance for a one week  workshop on her unique technique and repertory.

“Like visual poetry, Chen’s phrases, part exoskeletal rigidity, part boneless grace, embodied an epic dignity.” -The Village Voice

Nai-Ni Chen

The Kinetic Spiral technique centers around the exploration of a wide range of physically challenging, intricate movement ideas that combines the grace, sensibility, delicacy, and flow of motion driven by the proper use of the breath, building a foundation to support the limitless spiral energy that supports the powerful athletic movements inspired by the common ground found in Chinese martial art, calligraphy, graffiti and contemporary dance.