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Current Nai-Ni Chen Offerings

2019-2020 Productions


A Quest For Freedom
with the Ahn Trio

A Quest For Freedom is a celebration of Women and our Immigrant Heritage. It is about an adventure that is driven by the hopes and desires for a person to go beyond the known and into the unknown, abandoning everything to create anew. The story is told by 8 exquisite dancers performing Nai-Ni Chen‘s mesmerizing work along side of the sassy and elegant Ahn Trio playing some of their most celebrated new music.

Bamboo Rap

Hip-Hop Meets Chopsticks

A multi-cultural experimental fusion of spoken word, martial art, and dance. Bamboo Rap is a production that explores the rhythm of language in eastern and western pop culture. and connect it with the ancient philosophy of bamboo, a symbol of resilience, honesty, and humility. Music by DJ Cool-V and ancient Chinese bamboo rapper YuChen Jin (Kuaiban).

Earth, Water, Fire

Forces of Nature

Dances Inspired by the Elemental Forces of Nature, Earth, Water, and Fire is Nai-Ni Chen’s awe-inspiring production with vibrant colors, dynamic acrobatics, and joyful dance.