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New Work: Truthbound presented at Bergen DanceMakers

New Work


To be presented by Bergen DanceMakers Subject Matter Festival in Hackensack



As an immigrant citizen, Nai-Ni Chen responds to the condition of the media and democracy today.  Nai-Ni Chen’s most recent work, developed in a residency in a festival Trier, Germany, titled “We….the people” represents her reaction to the crisis of faith and trust at this time.  The new work, currently titled Truthbound for a trio of dancers with newspaper and plastic as costumes, received critical acclaim in Germany. Volksfreund Critic Eva-Maria Reuther (2018)writes (translated by the presenter):

In their body and visual language, sensitively creative fantasy, and poetry. Tradition and experiment are combined with dance-like precision and dynamics. From the printed word and its trust comes the dance which is the first part of the work. The two dancers Greta Campo and Rashidi Lewis sculptures are “packed” in newspapers. Sometimes they seem like advertising pillars. Then again, their combative movements are reminiscent of the historical warriors of the Beijing Opera or old Far East woodblock prints. Inside show the two dancers.  In the second part, they discover their own identity in the light that comes.

Performance Dates: Friday, April 12, 2019  7:30pm
Location: Hackensack Performing Arts Center, 102 State Street, Hackensack, NJ 07601

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