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Ten Elements of Chinese Dance

Workshop Description

Ten Elements of Chinese Dance

Hand, Eye, Body, Foot Steps, Coordination

Concentration, Spirit, Flow, Strength, Discipline

1-4 Workshops


Workshop based on the 10 elements of Chinese Dance

Each Workshop Duration – 45 Minutes

Students  – K-12  Students or Pre-Professional Dancers


  • Introduction of artists
  • Introduction to China & Chinese Dance covering history, geography, population, people, clothing, and dance.
  • Warm up-includes meditation, breathing technique (finding the Chi in movements), rotation of joints (hands, necks, shoulders, arms, knees, ankles, legs, hips, torso), point gesture for male and female dancer combining with the eyes movement.
  • Basic Hand gestures-Orchid, tiger, fist
  • Basic Arm positions-1,2,3,4
  • Basic Foot steps-Parallel, V,T, Bow and Arrow
  • Walk and Run
  • Combination of hand and foot-Orchid side to side, circle hand into fist with bow and arrow step, cloud step with circle arm. (for hand and eyes coordination)
  • Stretch and kicking-F, S, Fan (for strength)
  • One Leg Stand (for balance and concentration)
  • Cloud arms
  • Fish position
  • Cloud Arm Turn fish position comb.
  • Full-length combination from traditional dance excerpts

Optional:  Basic Ribbon  Movement (Prop Skills) or Lion Dance Steps (Teamwork skills)