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Ulster Ballet Festival of Dance at Ulster Performing Arts Center

Festival of Dance at

Ulster Performing Arts Center

presented by Ulster Ballet


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Bamboo Rap was originally inspired by the music of Kuaiban, a spoken word art form that was popular in Beijing City in China since two centuries ago, and has a history that can be traced back thousands of years in the Chinese emperor’s royal courts.  The music of the Kuaiban is made by a set of seven bamboo clappers that the performer use to create the rhythm that accompanies the natural rhythm of the Chinese language.

Nai-Ni Chen observed that as opposed to the multi-syllabic English, the Chinese language is uniquely single syllable and percussive.  The Chinese written language is also not alphabetical but based on singular natural forms.  However, the story told by the Kuaiban Rappers are stories of the struggle and actions of folk heroes are of the same spirit as the early hip-hop artists.   These observations inspired to her begin experimenting with her dancers.

Current Collaborators:   Dister (Graffiti and Hip Hop dancer/teacher), Kwikstep and Rockafella (Hop Hop master teachers), Glide, and the NJPAC Hip-Hop Institute. Lighting Designer Yi-Chung Chen.




The Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company is managed by:
Joanne Rile Artists Management, Inc.
Tel: 215-885-6400