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Learning Outcomes

Cognitive Outcomes

  1.    increase their learning in other curricular areas when dance is integrated into the curriculum.
  2. Learn to solve movement problems that hone their problem-solving skills.
  3. Increase their listening skills and learn how to follow directions.
  4. Gain an understanding of dance history and world cultures.
  5. Sharpen their skills of observation and learn how to make informed judgments regarding performances and choreography

Effective Outcomes

  1. increase their self-esteem through self-expression and the master), of movement concepts while being engaged in a positive and noncompetitive dance form.
  2. learn to take risks by mastering movement challenges and learn trust through activities that engage in weight sharing, partnering and group cooperation.
  3. Express their feelings verbally about their own and other people’s dances, helping them to put feelings and thoughts into words.
  4. Express their feelings through movement, becoming more attuned to the inner self.
  5.  Experience contrasting movements which help them define their feelings.

Physical Outcomes

  1. Learn body awareness, control, balance and coordination.
  2. Gain physical strength, flexibility, stamina and agility.
  3. Lessen health risks through movement and exercise.
  4. Release stress through positive physical activity.
  5.  Increase their personal movement vocabulary as the work with other dancers and learn from other cultures

Social Outcomes 

1. Discover the value of individual differences through creative exploration problem-solving and the study of         other dance forms and cultures.

2. Learn to cooperate with others through partner and group work.

3 . Learn poise before a group through informal showings.

4 . Learn appropriate ways of touching others through gentle physical contact and weight-sharing.

5 . Bond with one another through positive physical contact and the sharing of ideas and space.

6. Increase leadership skills through partner and group work


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